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Marys Icons

lots. of icons.

marys icons
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my livejournal: turntheradio_up

comment, credit and enjoy these icons. do not hotlink. add me as a friend to have this journal on your friends page.

to credit;
put my username, marysicons or turntheradio_up next to the icon in userpictures under keywords or comments. for help on this, ask me.

no hotlinking! ;
when using my icons, please right click and save them to YOUR COMPUTER and then upload them onto livejournal from your own computer. using the image location link from MY PHOTOBUCKET is running out my bandwith and making it impossible to show my icons. thanks.
if you dont know how to do this, ask me.
R E A D about hotlinking;


C L I C K B E L O W f o r a w a r d s

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